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Hakeem Baqa-Ullah was one of Iran’s distinguished personalities, had experience in TIBBE-UNANI, and was an expert in Hikmat. He was descended from a distinguished line of physicians who had come to India during the reign of  Mughal Emperor. There were many Unani doctors in His family who practiced this ancient form of medicine since their arrival in the country. He was a physician to  Mughal Emperor, built a hospital, and promoted Unani medicine. He took great interest in expanding and developing the native Unani medicine system.

Hakeem Baqa-Ullah was sensible & thoughtful. His Family is named after him. His untiring efforts in this field infused a new force and life into the Unani medical system. He was also a part of literature. His book KARABADEEN-E-BAQAI holds a famous place.

Unfortunately, British Government came and Introduced allopathy and created conspiracies against Unani. At that moment, Hakeem Ajmal Khan, the lover of Unani Tibbs, defeated conspiracies.

But when allopathic treatment started to show unfavorable effects, people tended to use herbal treatment. Hakeem Muneeruddin Baqai in Delhi and his son Hakeem Shareefuddin Baqai started BAQAI DAWAKHANA in 1930. He was reputed to effect miraculous cures and possessed a “magical” medicine chest, the secrets of which were known to him alone. Such was his medical acumen that it is said that he could diagnose any illness by just looking at a person’s face.

BAQAI DAWAKHANA proved to be the most outstanding and multifaceted personality of his era, with matchless contributions to the causes of Indian independence, national integration, and communal harmony. Their noble vision was to bring happiness and growth to society through the development of education, services, and health care.

Now with the great efforts of Hakeem Aziz-ur-Rahman Baqai and Hakeem Uzair Baqai in Medicine and Medical Research with the object of promoting education and research in the history of medicine, this old vision is continued.

Hakeem Aziz-ur-Rehman Baqai and Hakeem Uzair Baqai gave a valuable contribution to promote the cause of education, health, and social service and personal qualities of sacrifice, devotion, and commitment and became an owner of very useful products.

These are the areas of expertise in Unani medicine.
General Health care. (Aam Jismani Kamzori)
Digestive care (Amraze Nizame Hazm.)

Respiratory care (Amraze Tanaffus)
Hair & Skin care (Amraze Shaar wa Jild)
Joint care (Amraze Muffasil)
Women & fertility (Amraze Niswan wa Qabalat)
Men care (Amraze Mardana)
Heart care (Amraze Qalb)
Kidney & Urinary Bladder (Amraze Gurda wa Masana)

With the latest technology Hakeem Azizur-Rehman (Chairman) and Hakeem Uzair Baqai (Managing Director) are running BAQAI DAWAKHANA PVT. LTD, fulfilling all the rules & regulations with lots of achievements & medicine.

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