Baqai Coff Care Syrup


Product Highlights :-

  • Unani medicine
  • Herbal combination for cough
  • Beneficial for throat infection, allergic cough, sore throat, etc.



BAQAI COFF CARE SYRUP is an Unani medicine. This particular product is a unique herbal combination for Cough.
It is beneficial in treating allergic cough, throat infection, sore throat, common cold, etc.

Specifications of Baqai COFF CARE SYRUP :-

Brand : Baqai Dawakhana
Type : Unani medicine
Function : Beneficial for cough
Treatment : Throat infection, allergic cough, sore throat
Form : Syrup
Quantity : 200 ml
Food Preference : Vegetarian


  1. Allergic Cough
  2. Productive Cough
  3. Smoker’s Cough
  4. Throat Infection
  5. Sore Throat
  6. Common Cold


  1. Helps to treat allergic cough
  2. Beneficial for productive cough
  3. Helps in the treatment of throat infection, common cold, sore throat, etc.

Ingredients used in BAQAI COFF CARE SYRUP :-

  • Adhatodavasicanees ( berg-e-arusa )
  • Glycyrrhizaglabralinn ( MULETHI)
  • Althaeaofficinalislinn ( Tukhm –e-khatmi )
  • Violaodoratalinn ( Gul-e-banafsha )
  • Cordial dichotomaforst.f ( sapistan )
  • Zizyphus jujube linn ( Unnab )
  • Hyssopusofficianalislinn ( Gule zoofa )
  • Boragoofficianilis ( berg-e-gaozaban )
  • Menthearvensislinn ( Satt pudina )
    • Dosage :-

      Make sure you consume the prescribed amount by the physician.

      1. 2 Tea Spoonful to be taken twice a day.
      2. It may be given before breakfast and in evening.

      Safety Information :-

      1. Avoid fried and spicy food.
      2. Do not consume this syrup during pregnancy without consulting doctor.
      3. Keep the cap of the bottle closed tightly.
      4. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
      5. Keep away from children’s reach.
      6. Store in a cool and dry place.
      7. Self medication is not recommended.
      8. It is not suitable for diabetic person due to sugar content.

      Note: Make sure to check Baqai Dawakhana’s name on the product before purchasing it.

      Questions and Answers :-

      Is there any complexity of this product?

      It’s a natural product which is made of rare Natural ingredients and herbs. Our product is used by thousands of patients across the country and we didn’t record any side effects till now.

      What is the effect of BAQAI COFF CARE SYRUP Syrup on the stomach?

      It does not have any harmful effects on the stomach.

      Will it cause any side effects?

      No, this product won’t cause any side effects.

      How can I place an order at Baqai Dawakhana’s for BAQAI COFF CARE SYRUP ?

      You can directly place your order from here or search on other E-commerce portals like Amazon, flipkart, Snapdeal, Netmeds, Healthmug, for the availability.

      Who all can use this product?

      Everyone and anyone above 18 can use this product. If you have any serious illness, please talk to your doctor before using this product.

      Are you open for Distributorship?

      Yes, we are open for distributorship. Also, we are aiming to make our products available in every part of India. Moreover, if you are a retail seller, you can register with us for the distributorship.

      For further information contact our authorities from the given contact details.

      How much time you take for delivering a product?

      5-7 working days after payment.

      Is cash on delivery service available?

      Yes, it is available.

      Important things to note :–

      • WhatsApp Number: +91-7428666679
      • Email id:
      • Working Days: Monday to Saturday(11:00 Am To 6:00 Pm)
      • Send your query on WhatsApp. We will respond as soon as possible.

      Always priorities contacting on WhatsApp.


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